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Shenzhen port clearance

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Shenzhen port customs clearance agent Service 


SEEHOG INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD-was established in year of 1997

holding branch offices in ports of Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai, Ningbo,Xiamen,Shenzhen

Guangzhou,Dongguan and Hongkong ports, totally 500 import consultants in China.


We are focus on Global goods products import & export to China, including:

1. Food wines, oliveoils, beers, Alcohols, pring water, chocolate, coffee, biscuit, cake,honey

2. Machinery CNC centre, Productionline, Equipment, New or Used equipment and machines, Instrument

3. Wood African wood, logs, Southeast wood timber, square wood etc.

4. Chemicals product American chemcial, coasting, painting, KoreanJapanese,Canada Chemicals

5. Luxury products private helicopter, Yacht, boat, cars, truck,mountain bike etc

6. Others  whatever container or LCL shipments to China


We 're a very largescale & professional on Global goods to China different cities by Tianjin,Qingdao

Shanghai, Ningbo,Xiamen,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Dongguan and Hongkong ports.

We work on customs clearance, logistics, warhouse, distribution and Trading, payment agency T/T, L/C


Shanghai Office

 Add: Room603, Block6, Golden Bridge Building, Zhangyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Shenzhen Office
       Add: Room208, block 21, Lijing international building, Baoan,Shenzhen

Dongguan Office
       Add: Room306, 3rd floor, Zhongfu building,Zanhua road, Nancheng,Dongguan

Guangzhou Office
      Add: Room901, Waimao Plaza,NO.66,Jianji Road,Tianhe,Guangzhou

HongKong Office
       Add:Room603, 6th Floor, Alliance Building 130-136 Connaught, Road C,Hong Kong

Tianjin Office
       Add: Room 601, Xinda building, No.188, Jiefangbei Road, Heping district, Tianjin

Ningbo Office
      Add:RoomA105, BlockA, Jiahui Trading Center, No.11, Rainbow Road, Jiangdong, Ningbo

Xiamen Office

Add: Room 603, Jinfeng building, High-tech industry park, Huli district, Xiamen


Contacts: Mr Shawn 


Mob: +86 13671811568


Skype: seafreightchina

Add: Shanghai/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Tianjin/Qingdao/H.K.