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China customs clear

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China SeeHog customs house provides shipping agency, warehousing & depot, export consolidation, import distribution, consulting, design, customs clearance, contract logistics, project logistics, exhibition logistics, personal belongings, chemical logistics, and bonded logistics services to the China Trade Commissioner Service’s clients.


Shanghai SeeHog International Logistics co., ltd is a professional company that is committed to provide business with all-round supports on trade, Customs affairs, logistic, finance and tax, administration, labor forces and enterprise planning, whose expertise focus on Customs clearance related Corporation Management Consultation, Customs Compliance Evaluation, and Solution.

SeeHog Import Export Customs Broker Service 


Tel: +86 13509817053    



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Handle ports: Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Hong Kong, Dongguan, Shanghai, Tianjin total 15 ports

china customs clear