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China agent import Brazil chicken feet

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China agent import Brazil chicken feet

Chicken Brazilian import duty/chicken/import chicken feet frozen chicken claw import declaration/Brazil import customs clearance/import chicken feet / 2016 Brazil imported chicken chicken feet/Brazil agent.

Frozen aquatic products import customs clearance, import agent, frozen frozen import information, frozen import customs clearance, frozen sea import customs clearance. Frozen food, chicken import customs declaration.

1. air fresh frozen products: single - inspection declaration - - - - to see if the customs check goods not check goods/cargo - release - after quarantine inspection sampling - release, air import of fresh products are subject to approval by a customs registration allows, a declaration of fresh product right specified in the declare customs declaration company to agent, we have the qualifications.

2. Shipping import: frozen in single - inspection declaration - - - - the customs check goods, check the goods, the inspection of sampling - if not labeled labeled - release.

3. The import of frozen products notice: frozen food import for the consignee need to have the corresponding qualifications, such as no corresponding qualifications, must take our company as a proxy, the import agency agreement has been signed, singles we looked up, customs clearance to play double look up, does not affect your deduction. Foreign suppliers must first import ports in China to do the consignee for the record.

The Brazilian chicken import agent

Our company import agent is as follows: frozen aquatic products Chicken. We provide the following services: frozen aquatic products import customs clearance, import agent, frozen frozen import information, frozen import customs clearance, frozen sea import customs clearance. Power service products Red wine olive oil cosmetics food powder machinery wood dried fruit dried foods and health products, etc If you have questions or other advisory welcome Mr Weiss answers will be free for you

SeeHog imported logistics focus all over the goal to door to door, port and other professional import logistics supporting projects; Include import shipping, import customs clearance, import, import, warehousing, import and distribution business; At the same time provide import procurement trade consultation, import l/c agency services. New and used mechanical and electrical equipment (another Mr Chavez import logistics, fruit, chemical lead, cosmetics products for the advantages agent import project) when working on food imports, must be pay attention to several aspects: a, enterprises should be legal, business will be recognized agents or distributors must review of foreign production enterprise qualification, ensure its legitimacy. According to the new regulations on the import overseas food production enterprise registration (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), the national certification and accreditation administration (state) of the unified administration of import food production enterprise registration, supervision and administration work abroad, and is responsible for the formulation, announced the implementation of enterprise registration catalogue of imported food (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue). Foreign enterprises to China output listed in the catalogue of the food, in addition to the enterprise to apply to the state license, enterprises in the country (region) of veterinary services system, plant protection system, and public health management system must be approved by state certification and accreditation assessment qualified. Chicken feet intelligence import customs clearance agent

Import customs clearance agent customs clearance & professional & professional import customs clearance agent & professional import declaration, import food consignee to prepare relevant material Including the quality of the goods certificate, certificate of origin, health and safety, pesticide, fumigants, additives used to prove documents, etc. Entry declaration, the goods imported food, the consignee shall deliver these documents together with the other shipping documents and commercial documents for inspection and quarantine organ. Import pre-packaged food, should print the Chinese label in advance, its content should conform to the "food label common standards" (GB77l8-94). After three, imported food to the port after the declaration of import food into port, to declare them to the port inspection and quarantine institutions by the importer or agent, and provide relevant shipping documents, commercial documents, health information, etc. After the above materials for dredging port as soon as possible, supervisors will be issued "health inspection release notice", the owner with this single customs clearance, pick up the goods.

 After customs clearance of goods, shall be deposited to the port inspection and quarantine agencies approved warehouses, supervisor will conduct site inspection of the goods and health supervision, randomly selected some samples at the same time. Monitors according to China's food hygiene standards and the hygiene requirements, referring to the exporting country (region) of food hygiene condition, the goods in transportation and storage condition and site supervision, inspection items, for sure, samples will be sent to the laboratory test, in the meantime, the goods must be sealed and shall not use or sales. Such as qualified through inspection, inspection and quarantine bureau will issue a health certificate, this batch of food can use or sale; If after inspection, according to the relevant provisions of the state, the goods will be according to the condition of different, to destroy, return, change to do it with or heavy processing edible after processing.

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